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Get Your PMF Gala Tickets Here
Get Your PMF Gala Tickets Here

See the areas we have impact in the Dominican Republic

Communities we serve

1. Manoguayabo
2. San Miguel
3. Pueblo Chico
4. Cordillera
5. Angelita
6. Lechería, Villa Altagracia
7. El Perla, El Tamarindo
8. Sabana de Gonzalo, Monte Plata

9. Haras Nacionales
10. El Jobo
11. Tierra de Dios
12. Los Palmares
13. Los Mameyes
14. Villa Duarte
15. Isabelita
16. Mendoza

We offer services in 18 communities in the Dominican Republic

Results in 2022

Our Main Programs

1. Education

Program 1

2. Health Care

Program 2

3. Entrepreneurship

Program 10

4. Child Sponsorships

Program 11

Our Projects

1. Sports

Program 3

2. Cultural Education

Program 4

3. Art and Dance Classes

Program 6

4. Volunteers

Program 7

5. Scholarships

Program 8

6. Parenting Education

Program 9

7. Home and Living Development

Program 12

8. Mentoring and Counseling

Program 5

Pedro Martinez Foundation Next Steps

Education and Sports Campus

One of our main focuses right now is building our Educational and Sports Campus in the Dominican Republic that will provide daily education to 1700+ children and youth. Our school will have a medical and dental facility, sports facilities, college certifications, and much more. The Pedro Martinez Foundation has already secured funding for sixteen of the seventeen educational and sports campus buildings planned, and are currently raising funds for one more building, which will be the new Community Center and include educational and medical facilities as well.