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Get Your PMF Gala Tickets Here

Our Story

Pedro grew up with little means and didn't have the resources that he often needed as a child. He made a commitment early in his baseball career to provide support, assistance, and educational programs to positively impact the lives of children and tehir families in low income communities.

In 2007, the first official program launched at the community center in the Dominican Republic - Hay Poder en Aprender (There is Power in Learning), and this brought new life to the community and the country. Since then, the Pedro Martinez Foundation has grown exponentially. We now offer 12 major programs that are split up into 61 different services provided to 21 communities all around the United States and Latin America.

Each day, children who would otherwhise face abuse, hunger, teen pregnancy, and crime rush through the doors at the Pedro Martinez Foundation. Here they are welcomed with a holistic approach, and the children we serve get a sense of identity and empowerment, while also receiving education, sports and recreation, and most importantly, love. We believe it takes a village to raise a healthy child, and the Pedro Martinez Foundation is that village helping to raise thousands of healthy children and youth every day.

Our Programs

Educational Classes

Mentoring and Counseling

Art & Dance Classes

Cultural Education

Health Program




Parenting Education

Entrepreneur School And Certifications

Child Sponsorship

Home And Living Development

Dominican Republic Highlights - 2022

Partnership with Daddy's House in the Dominican Republic

The Pedro Martinez Foundation has partnered over the past few years with Daddy Yankee's Foundation: Daddy's House. We have partnered together to provide children in challenging situations with education and also food supplies.

Toy Drive

Every Year we put smiles on the faces of children and families with a Christmas celebration at our community center complete with food, music, arts and crafts, and of course toys to children that would not typically receive a toy for Christmas all around the area.

Medical Drive in Dominican Republic

A medical team and volunteers joined forces to support children in need in the community of Manoguayabo, Dominican Republic with a pediatric medical event. More than 500 children were recipients of general medical consultations, dental care, vaccinations of general medical as well as snacks and entertainment. This event had more than 80 medical and non-medical volunteers who donated their time and talent to help the community.

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