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Early Bird - 15% OFF ALL TICKETS - July Only!

Pedro Martinez Foundation Opening Doors for the next Generation to be Mentored by Sports Leaders.

The Pedro Martinez Foundation is opening its doors to allow children the opportunity to be mentored by professional athletes and other sports industry pros. Red Sox legend Pedro Martinez is back in the city to hype up the next generation of athletes. The Pedro Martinez Foundation started in 2007 and it empowers youth through an integrated educational system that provides a safe space to learn and grow.
The new program will give young athletes the opportunity to have personal training sessions with Martinez and other notable figures from the sports world. The Pedro Martinez Foundation is partnering with school districts in Mass to bring change in communities and help provide the youth a brighter future through sports, development, activation events, and by supplying needed recourses. Kids will also have access to educational events and resources throughout the year. According to the Pedro Martinez Foundation, when young athletes are in health programs like the mentoring initiative, they are more likely to graduate high school, have a higher GPS, score higher on standardized tests, and have a lower rate of absences. If you know a future sports industry leader and are interested in applying, click below and be part of this initiative.!
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